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The Poetry of Being: A Friday Thought.

by Elizabeth Viljoen. Lately I’ve been thinking about self image. I often tell people I have a good self image, but unfortunately I know my weaknesses too well. I know that it scares me to get older. I’m not so scared of becoming grey with wrinkles, as I am of becoming weak and unable to […]

The Poetry of Being: Pen-pals

by Goh Bee Lee. Writing to pen-friends was among one of the more interesting things our English teacher made us do. I had quite a few of them in different parts of the globe. Comfort was my first contact with Africa. I remember being fascinated by two things – her name and her hair. Her […]


“How did a white guy of modest means who grew up in Takoma Park amass one of the largest and most significant private collections of African American artifacts in the country, and become an unseen force in the creation of the National Museum of African American History and Culture? He put his soul into it.” by […]

This is not right, it is not how it should be.

by Sarah Wolfe.  “Can you give me the numbers I need if I want to call you?” “Sure.” I repeated the numbers for the third time. “So, those are the numbers I can use to mail you something?” These are the common conversations with my mother. Repetition. Confusion. She doesn’t know how to spell many […]

I’m Telling You Less than Half the Story

by Jeremy Lucas.  “It’s so hard to tell the truth about a lived life! You can be sure this very moment that I’m telling you less than half the story,” from an interview with poet Stephen Dunn. My wife, Siobhan recently read an article about an artist that collects DNA samples from discarded objects like […]

The Poetry of Being: Questions

A Friday thought by Elizabeth Viljoen. Many of you will recall a boring conversation where someone had an opinion, with all other participants unable to make remarks, because nothing would add value. Or that meeting where people repeated the same thing over and over again… What is so wonderful about this journal is that participants […]

The Poetry of Being: My journey

by Daneel Ferreira. Luhambo. There are so many different connotations to this word. Luhambo is the siSwati word for “journey”. SiSwati is the language spoken in Swaziland, a country bordering South Africa to the north-east. Journey, voyage, trip, jaunt, travelling, travels – these are some of the synonyms used for the concept of moving from […]

The Poetry of Being: Last Train to Galilee

by Happy Lee Del Canto Sabag. There had been laughter in my house. And love. There had been hugs and kisses and the healing touch of affection between my mom and my dad, my dad and me, my brother and my dad, my mom and me, and on and on… a never-ending circle of warmth […]


by Siobhan Passmore.  For the last few months I’ve been helping plan the annual carnival at my daughter’s school. It’s apparently the biggest in Vancouver, WA and there’s been quite a bit of pressure on the volunteers to make sure it delivers all the fun and fabulousness it is renowned for. As a result there […]


This is the last of our series “The Art of Place”. The next series of articles/poems/essays/editorials will be on “The Poetry of Being.” Now, therefore, a real piece of art: Sarah Hempel Irani, one of our contributors, is a sculptor at Hempel Studios. You can follow her on Facebook and twitter.