African daughter

Nqobile with her favourite Princess

Nqobile with her favourite Princess

by Nqobile Ndlangamandla.

You are black,

Black because

The stars would not shine so bright

Against a blue sky

As your eyes do at sunrise

See the black of your skin is not a curse

But a sign of being forged in a powerful furnace

So the curve of your hips

Form pillars to hold you firm

Against the battering winds of gender and colour

It is not that you are thicker,

But stronger,

Bearing the burden of being

Humanity’s backbone and doormat

Bringing them into the world

That they may cut you with fistfuls of curses

But the black of your skin is not a curse

The names you give your daughters

Tell stories of wars and victories throughout history

Stories of love and submission to kings crowned by God

Banqobanjalo, Nokuphila, Khanyisile¹

Your sons are symbols of freedom and healing

And all the beauty between birth and sadness

Siwela ol’hlaza cwe njenge ndon’yamanzi²

Source of water, life, healing

That bubbles from deep within

To soothe and fill the empty crevices

Of the souls around you

Goje, Mdlanyoka³

Absorbing the pains and nightmares

Life sends out to haunt me

The serpents that seek to perverse my purity,

Oh! Black daughter of sunrise, sunset and history!

You blend in with the night so as to echo the wolf’s

Moon worship

Away from the sun’s stark exposure

Of man’s evil and weakness

Because, the black of your skin is not a curse

See the black of your skin is not a curse,

But a love letter from The One who touched

Breath into your bosom,

Ask your lover why he says your name like it were a prayer.

See, the darker the berry

The sweeter the juice

Ask your lips at sunset

As every lover who didn’t stay

Lies awake, counting ways to calm his regrets

¹ Swazi girl names meaning ‘eternal conquerors’, ‘life source’, ‘the illuminator’

² Ndlangamandla clan praise, ‘Siwela you are dark as the water spring’

³ Nsibandze clan praise, ‘eats snakes/evil’

With my best friend and brother in Christ at his bible college graduation. Delisa another name for a conquerer

Nqobile is a lover, Christian, daughter, poet, bookworm, African. An
extrovert hyped on life, philanthropy and literature. She is a
marketing major at the University of Swaziland, excelling in
communication. (It’s almost cheating, really, as understanding people
drives the many projects she takes on each year). By 35 she will be a
leading name in tourism marketing, running her own vegetarian
restaurant, and published author of English, French, and Siswati



  1. Philsiwe · · Reply

    I love…go get dem bg cc ❤

  2. I really love this…. Dream on my girl

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  6. peter mawelele · · Reply

    carry on my sister,u are a real inspirition

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