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An extract from Happy Lee Del Canto Sabag‘s upcoming book Late Train to Galilee – A Memoir of Grace in Awkward Places: ******* I spent the following months stuck with my nose inside the Bible.  All you could see, if you cared to look, were eyes the size of two fried eggs, wide and inquiring, scanning […]

Siobhan’s Friday Thoughts

AUTUMN INTO WINTER Outside our windows are three deciduous trees whose leaves are the first in our neighborhood to turn. This year the little tips started yellowing, and within days the wind swirled them to the ground, making our lawn a variegated patch of bright green and yellow. Last year, my first fall season in […]

The Infallibility Of Frost On Rose Petals

Frames the eye’s senses leaves breathless does wanting soothes harsh magenta kills a leaf, strips an armor from a warrior who kneels before the majesty one simply knows as weather whether one cares of the dimming sky weather wins against the rose petal Susan Wingate Susan Wingate began writing as a child when she learned her father was a […]

Valour Festival

by Mpendulo Steven Ndwandwe. When I last posted I was still an undergrad student doing my final year on my Bachelor of Science degree. I have since completed my first degree, and  have set my sight on the next one (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery). That’s another article for another day. What I want to […]

Frustration and respite

In my world of teenage rage there was this respite: a boy, someone who loved me. Why he loved me, I couldn’t really comprehend. I never felt loved before. I was an introvert, and a little frustrated by how the world operated – not totally without reason. It was 1986 and it was South Africa, […]

Happy endings

by Ken Maugle.  At the University where I received my degree I was able to work there for a time. I had a sabbatical at my regular position, and was able to obtain a “higher ed internship” where I assumed the duties of Assistant Dean at University College, the adult, evening division of the University. […]


Place. What is that? Sometimes we feel out of place, sometimes we feel right at home. Home is a place, a place of peace, of calm, of safety. Some days I have an uneasy feeling that something is out of place in my life. There are so many places we can be. We can travel […]

Slipping Skins by Siobhan

SLIPPING SKINS Piles of peaches and tomatoes lie on my kitchen counter waiting to be canned. Ears of corn and bright yellow squash are impatiently tapping their little green feet, expectantly anticipating their autumn makeovers.  Today I dropped four pounds of peaches into hot water for a few moments, then plunged them in ice water, […]

Creating a kintsugi-style life and faith

by Kenetha J. Stanton. This world is full of brokenness: broken homes, trauma, broken hearts, war, broken relationships, abuse, broken health, betrayals, broken dreams. None of us escapes the pain of being broken in one way or another on this journey of life. I have had times in my life that were filled with brokenness […]

The Epic Adventure (Part 2)

Cooper Riach and his family came from Australia to Namibia for his dad’s work. After their return to Australia his mother, Jodie, shared some of the letters he wrote to his classmates about the epic adventure they had. This is the second in a series of four.   Dear Miss P and Class, Hello everyone, […]