Monthly Archives: December 2013

Places of Escape

By Daneel Ferreira. Some nights I have a recurring dream about being on the run from hitmen. This dream has been plaguing me since childhood. I am in an Italian village during the Second World War. It’s a dark summer night. The time varies each time I have the dream. It’s very late at night […]


Kindness. Justice. Courage.  These are the values I respect most. They remind me of 1 Corinthians 13’s faith, hope, and love. As a child my dad used to show us those pictures where you have to squint your eyes to see the picture beyond the dots. It’s called an autostereogram. Sometimes you have to look closer. […]

Three Things

Three Things for the Next Generation By Sarah Wolfe. First. Silence.           Your generation does not understand silence. My generation doesn’t really understand silence, either, so don’t feel too badly. We don’t make room for silence, but your generation is inheriting even more noise. iPods and iPhones, FaceBook and Instagram, Twitter and whatever is the […]


I have been thinking about the tension between certainty vs. uncertainty and how the two interact with the concept of power.  I’ve been thinking about power for a long time, first introduced to thinking about it through ideas of empowerment and social power dynamics (through my interest in the Black Power Movement, etc.).  And then […]