Monthly Archives: February 2014

The village

I noticed two things simultaneously. Three people walking to work and an old woman, boiling water in a used tin, leaning against what used to be a brightly painted maze of concrete structures supporting the fly-overs: YAZOO, fUCk, ZOINKs, BOYZ. Steam from under the bonnet of the car. I rented the car the previous evening […]

Not what the doctor ordered

Half a lifetime ago (literally), I was privileged to start my medical studies at the (then)  University of the Orange Free State. A common joke doing the rounds at that time was that there were no oranges, nothing was free and everything was in quite a state. But the medical school was great. The facilities […]

The welcome (and unwelcome) transformation of healing

Kintsugi is a beautiful art that not only restores usefulness to broken things, but it does so in ways that add beauty and value with its seams of gold or other precious metals. This combination of repair, restoration, and art can transform a common cup or bowl into a prized possession. But what it cannot do […]


My father and I walked into the store together. My hand was held in his. His grasp was never too tight or too loose, always firm and reassuring. I was intensely excited. My dad was taking me to one of his favourite stores to buy me a new recorder. I cast my eyes around the […]