Monthly Archives: April 2014

Give my eyes back to me

A love poem from the 17th Century eripuisti oculus: oculos mihi redde, puella.             erispuisti animan: redd, puella, animan. eripuisti ipsum cor: redde, puella, cor ipsum.             eripuisti ipsum me: redde mihi! Translated: Girl, you have torn out my eyes: give my eyes back to me. Girl, you have torn out my soul: give my […]

Detachment: Living with open hands

I first encountered the idea of detachment in reading Buddhist thought many years ago. I remember feeling rather put off by the whole idea. My concept of detachment at the time involved a total lack of emotion, of caring, or involvement with anyone or anything. It sounded to me like a bland and empty way […]

Revisiting Grief

Pedro Aznar, an Argentinian musician, once said that if you’ve experienced great pain, then write about it, compose songs about it, talk about it, send it out to the universe (I’m paraphrasing). I’ve always agreed with that statement. Revisiting grief when you need to, is a way of integrating aspects of yourself -your grief being […]