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The welcome (and unwelcome) transformation of healing

Kintsugi is a beautiful art that not only restores usefulness to broken things, but it does so in ways that add beauty and value with its seams of gold or other precious metals. This combination of repair, restoration, and art can transform a common cup or bowl into a prized possession. But what it cannot do […]

Creating a kintsugi-style life and faith

by Kenetha J. Stanton. This world is full of brokenness: broken homes, trauma, broken hearts, war, broken relationships, abuse, broken health, betrayals, broken dreams. None of us escapes the pain of being broken in one way or another on this journey of life. I have had times in my life that were filled with brokenness […]


“How did a white guy of modest means who grew up in Takoma Park amass one of the largest and most significant private collections of African American artifacts in the country, and become an unseen force in the creation of the National Museum of African American History and Culture? He put his soul into it.” by […]


This is the last of our series “The Art of Place”. The next series of articles/poems/essays/editorials will be on “The Poetry of Being.” Now, therefore, a real piece of art: Sarah Hempel Irani, one of our contributors, is a sculptor at Hempel Studios. You can follow her on Facebook and twitter.

Luhambo: more about this journal

by Elizabeth Viljoen. This journal is the brainchild of Siobhan Passmore and Elizabeth Viljoen, and some of our friends, all having a strong interest in human rights, social justice, language, music, art, science, and nature. Critical thinking and discussion will play a large part in the life of this journal. We are not only looking […]

The Art of Place: Bowls, A Friday Thought

by Siobhan Passmore (co-editor with Elizabeth Viljoen) So I have this thing for bowls, not the rolling on green lawns kind – my bowls are the holding kind, the overflowing kind. The sit on your kitchen counter getting dusty kind. And especially the beautifully turned, perfectly proportioned kind. I’ve bought bowls in all kinds of places […]