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Why I Went Gray. Why I’m Going Silver.

I spotted my first gray hair at 14.  By the time I was 16, I was dyeing it. Women around me seemed to think that going gray was something to hide, a nasty little secret to be covered up in dye bottles every month, so this was exactly what I did. While I believe that […]

Creating a kintsugi-style life and faith

by Kenetha J. Stanton. This world is full of brokenness: broken homes, trauma, broken hearts, war, broken relationships, abuse, broken health, betrayals, broken dreams. None of us escapes the pain of being broken in one way or another on this journey of life. I have had times in my life that were filled with brokenness […]

The beauty of imperfection

by Elizabeth Viljoen. I cock my ear at an absence– in the shared voices of blood arrives my need for antediluvian lore. Soft voices of the dead are whispering by the shore that I would question (and for my children’s sake) about crops rotted, river mud glazing the baked clay floor. (from “Gifts of Rain“, by […]

African daughter

by Nqobile Ndlangamandla. You are black, Black because The stars would not shine so bright Against a blue sky As your eyes do at sunrise See the black of your skin is not a curse But a sign of being forged in a powerful furnace So the curve of your hips Form pillars to hold […]

The Poetry of Being: Perspective

by Daneel Ferreira. I have always been curious about why people take photos? I never had much interest in taking pictures, mostly because I do not see myself as an artistic person, I can hardly draw a stick figure let alone take good photos. When I moved to America I bought myself a very inexpensive […]

The Small Stuff

by Siobhan Passmore.  Browsing through my photos from the last year I noticed something unexpected – the ones that truly spoke to me were those that documented small moments of daily life. An image of flowers picked on a morning walk after watching a nest of teenage herons clamor for food, brings back moments of […]