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Yesterday my husband found an intriguing article online, titled Sixteen People On Things They Couldn’t Believe About America Until They Moved Here. Much of the piece really deals with differences between America and other countries and is really pretty interesting. Of course all of these comments are subjective, and very much influenced by the specific […]

My child

My wife and I birthed two children. Well, she did the actual hard work for the most part. One was born in 1963 and the other in 1966. A girl and a boy. We felt very lucky and complete as a young family. My masters degree was finished in 1967 and I started what would […]

Happy endings

by Ken Maugle.  At the University where I received my degree I was able to work there for a time. I had a sabbatical at my regular position, and was able to obtain a “higher ed internship” where I assumed the duties of Assistant Dean at University College, the adult, evening division of the University. […]


Place. What is that? Sometimes we feel out of place, sometimes we feel right at home. Home is a place, a place of peace, of calm, of safety. Some days I have an uneasy feeling that something is out of place in my life. There are so many places we can be. We can travel […]

Creating a kintsugi-style life and faith

by Kenetha J. Stanton. This world is full of brokenness: broken homes, trauma, broken hearts, war, broken relationships, abuse, broken health, betrayals, broken dreams. None of us escapes the pain of being broken in one way or another on this journey of life. I have had times in my life that were filled with brokenness […]

A Morning Such As This

by Susan Wingate.  Through a misty morning such as this, crisp as vellum, our sun beheads the horizon, guillotines the crystal mantle. Shards of bloody iodine (against a blue vein of beckoning hope) atomize, mushroom and contract—split seconds —fracture into fractals. Blinded and blinding hands held out in awe, her fingers shutter a phantasm of […]

The Art of “Just” Being: The Overachiever’s Lament

by Amy Case.  My husband and I have a phrase that captures a certain approach to life, an attitude and a bad habit: “Earning the right to breathe air.” This is one of our many catch phrases that have grown up in our efforts to communicate often complex emotional states we find ourselves in. My […]


by Bob Byrd.  When I was in first grade I hated going to school.  I didn’t hate being in school, I hated going to school.  It would be more accurate to say I hated walking to school.  I have no idea how far it was but it felt like ten miles at least.  My mother […]

3,000 Miles, Snakes and Memories… (part 1)

by Sarah Wolfe.  We began at 4:00 am. We picked our mascot the night before, a giant blue Puffle…a stuffed, well, puff-ball of sorts. We had snacks sorted and we had the cooler with water. We had little surprises wrapped and we had stops planned. I had spent the required hours on Pinterest planning The Road Trip. We planned […]

Quality and Quantity

by Ken Maugle I sat with my friend Kevin and talked of our being and of the  future, when we were young. Yet professionals in our first professional jobs. Masters degrees from major Universities, Rutgers and Illinois, each a believer of Biblical faith, and of doing good to and for humanity. We were teachers and counselors […]